New Fair Havens Hospice

A new take on hospice care

Project Details

The new Fair Havens Hospice will bring together a range of specialist services to support people in making choices about their care from the day they receive their diagnosis, as they journey with their illness, and as the end of their life approaches.

It will incorporate 16 in-patient bedrooms, increased Day Hospice services, additional family support and beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds.

Studio 31 have designed the landscape using research-led design principles which centre around health and wellbeing. The planting will use native species to create both a sensory and nurturing environment whilst also creating a sense of familiarity, a concept linked with health and wellness.

The design has been a strong collaboration with LSI architects to link the building with landscape in the most effective way possible. All of the in patient rooms will have access to their own semi-private outdoor space to allow them to connect with nature and draw from the many health benefits of nature interaction as well as providing contemplative and communal spaces for both family and staff.



Watercolour visual courtesy of LSI Architects.

All other images our own.