Country Estate in the heart of the Suffolk countryside

A 20 acre country estate with eclectic gardens

Project Details

It was not difficult to appreciate the allure of this stunning 16th century property set within 20 acres of gardens and with the owner an adept gardener, Studio 31 was commissioned to provide a master plan of the whole site.

The client was keen to have a design which joined up all the spaces within one cohesive scheme and which also took account of the surrounding areas and natural environment that teemed with British wildlife. They wanted a long-term aspiration for the whole site which helped them to manage the size and scale of the project, whilst carefully considering the budget as well.

The master plan combined formal, traditional and contemporary landscape architecture to create a truly diverse estate with hidden surprises at every turn.

The build of this project has been phased, with phase one, a secret garden, having been recently completed. The secret garden is a hidden gem in the landscape comprising of winding paths woven between an array of seasonal plants cleverly concealing sculptures within them. A water body on one side is framed with marginal planting which creates a haven for local aquatic wildlife.

Long vistas extend out from the secret garden into the wider country estate and draw the eye to sculptures set amidst the traditional farmland landscape beyond.

Phase two (a kitchen garden) is planned to be built in spring 2017