Health Care Centre, Norfolk

A forward thinking centre of excellence

Project Details

Studio 31 are excited to be appointed as the Landscape Architect on the multi-disciplinary team bringing to life a new and innovative health centre in Norfolk. Set to house a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, the project supports the ongoing government strategy to integrate health, social care and borough council services.

The client is looking to construct a new health centre and community hub in a way that integrates the currently disused and grade II listed farmhouse in the heart of the development.

Conceptually, we are drawing from the literature pertaining to healing gardens and the healing value of nature. This concept would fit, not only with the primary function of the centre but also the evidence based practice of NHS services. Considering the landscape in more than a purely aesthetic capacity will hopefully create a space which will enhance the well being not only of the service users but also the hard working staff. This interaction of the landscape whether when physically walking through it, or when viewing it from internal rooms, will be a key focus to the landscape concept.

Collaborating with LSI architects, this is proving to be an exciting project to be a part of with the results, set to change the lives of many hundreds of people.