Grass Amphitheatre Design

Social space and afternoon sun

Project Details

We were delighted to be asked create this Grass Amphitheatre Design, a secluded space for our clients living on the beautiful Suffolk coastline. The brief was simple, create something fun and inspiring for the very creative and life loving family.

Our design comprised a series of concentric circles which provided seating for 40 – 50 guests. These stepped forms then seamlessly dispersed out into the rest of the garden, giving the sense of an organic land form which could be used for outdoor cinema, theatre, dance and yoga

Two offset spinney’s of mature Betula utilis jacquemontii wrapped around the amphitheatre and together with the sunken nature of the land form, provided a sheltered feel and fantastic acoustics.

Our design team loved working on this one, from developing the initial concept in 3D, to the technical detail of cut and fill calculations and the designing the intricate ergonomics of each step and our clients are overjoyed with the result – “loving every inch of our gardens more every moment. Seriously – we are OVERJOYED with what you’ve done here”