A wrap-around garden, Sussex

Sun, sea and a built-in gin bar

Project Details

Small and awkward spaces are by far the most complex in terms of design and Studio 31 was put to the test on an unusual garden design in Sussex. The client wanted to combine the vibrant seaside location with the eccentricity of Brighton culture in their confined and corridor like outdoor space.

The site was unusual in that the house was located centrally in the plot with small, narrow parts of the garden surrounding the house on all sides. Our role was to create niches which felt like smaller features within a whole rather than completely independent spaces as they were before.

From the outset, it was essential to create a sense of arrival as the previous entrance was hidden and didn’t reflect the quality and detail of the works undertaken inside the house.

The south facing aspect of the garden lent itself to the client’s love of entertaining and bespoke seating, custom-made fireplace and new barbecue facilities created a tailor-made area to indulge this passion. And of course, no Brighton retreat would be complete without a built-in gin bar so we created one of those too.