We are Studio 31: Landscape Architecture

Our team of landscape architects have a wealth of experience working on projects both at home in the UK as well as Australasia and the Middle East. We specialise in a range of Landscape Architecture projects from high end private roof terraces to charity, public and commercial spaces. We especially relish the opportunity to work on something tricky or unusual.

Through our years of experience we have built a comprehensive network of relationships with industry professionals and are competent at both drawing from these or becoming a part of an existing consultancy team. We look for partnerships in unusual places and as a result the Studio 31 team benefit from links both within the landscape architecture industry and beyond.

Our landscape architects are fully qualified and accredited to ensure the highest level of expertise and design excellence. In a world increasingly concerned about the landscape and our human impact upon it, it is the conscientious and innovative landscape architect who sparks change. Here at Studio 31 we provide contemporary design solutions that truly push the boundaries of modern landscape architecture.

How it works


Our process isn’t prescriptive, we tailor it to suit your needs. Below are some examples of our areas of expertise and our experience therein. The best way to see how Studio 31 can specifically meet your projects’ needs is to contact us directly.


The team at Studio 31 have extensive experience working as part of landscape planning teams for all manner of projects; from landscape strategies and LVIAs to consultancy, advice and everything in between. We have experience working across various regions around the UK and understand how planning regulations can fluctuate across different planning authorities. We have found this to be particularly helpful when working on paragraph 55 projects due to the sensitive nature of these schemes and the unique planning and site challenges involved.

We understand landscape planning process and how to collaborate with other consultants to ensure a cohesive final planning application is achieved and also have experience liaising with planners and local planning authorities to understand the best direction for a project.


Our design work is at the heart of our practice and every design concept we develop reacts to the site and surrounding environment. We work closely with other consultants such as architects, engineers, planners, ecologists and aboriculturalists to ensure that a design solution responds to the proposed architecture and local planning policy.

We want our clients to have a full understanding of the design aspiration for their project and with this in mind, we develop a series of sketch drawings with 3D visualisations to bring the design to life.

Detailed Design

We prepare a full detail package and have the technical expertise to coordinate all aspects of the approved design from lighting and planting to levels and drainage. This includes collaborating with the relevant consultants such as engineers and architects to ensure nothing has been overlooked prior to work being carried out on site.


The tendering process involves issuing drawings within tender packs and coordinating with approved contractors to gain a competitive and comprehensive set of quotes for client approval. Our team at Studio 31 have experience in coordinating detailed tender packs for projects of varying scales and complexities.

Project Management

We manage and administer every aspect of the landscape installation to ensure that your design on paper becomes your design in reality. We only use BALI accredited contractors due to our exacting standards, only the highest quality workmanship will suffice.

Should you wish to have a helping hand with the maintenance of your project, we can coordinate that too.

Let`s Work Together

We work on Landscape Architecture projects across the UK and beyond.

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