We are Studio 31: Garden Design

Great garden design combines creative flare and new ideas with technical understanding and horticultural expertise. Here at Studio 31 Landscape Architects, we pride ourselves on holding the client at the heart of our process. Exploring together, how you and your family want to use your garden and how each area responds to your needs. We take the time and effort to get to know you and your aspirations for your garden and work with you to realise its potential to be a significant addition to your home.

We specialise in all scales and types of garden design from large scale country estates where it can be difficult to visualise how to best use an open space to small urban roof terraces where every square inch is carefully considered to ensure you get the most out of what can be the only precious outdoor space in your home.

Our team of garden designers have extensive experience in coming up with new ideas that surprise our clients and far exceed their expectations. For us, designing your garden should be fun and we’d like to share a bit of that fun with you.

How it works

Initial Meeting

Whether you know exactly what you want from your garden or haven’t a clue where to start; we come to you so we can explore your garden first hand and talk through some ideas. Our goal is for you to come away understanding the process and feeling inspired. From there we will write up a design brief and arrange to speak again to finalise your wish list. Hopefully this will give you the chance to decide if we are the right fit for you.

Your Design

The design team gets creative. Drawing from our extensive design experience and the imaginative ideas sparked by our initial meeting we create an original and innovative garden design which is tailored to you. We provide a series of image boards to help illustrate what the design aims to achieve. This along with 3D visualisations and concept plans gives you a comprehensive understanding of our aspirations for your garden.

The Details

Once you’re happy with your design, we can start the process of refining and adding in the detail; those special touches that really make your garden yours. We put together a material palette to help you begin to get a sense of how your garden will feel. We complement this with a planting scheme which, just like your design, is personalised to use plants specifically tailored to thrive in your garden. We specify the lighting to allow you to see how your garden will be dynamic through day and night and we also do the technical bit by looking at how your garden will function practically; things like drainage and levels. By the end of this process, you will have a comprehensive pack of drawings ready to be built from.

The Build

The fun part. From the first time we meet you, to the time we say goodbye; we pride ourselves on providing a simple and professional process. This is never more important than when it comes to building your project. Before the building work starts, we introduce you to your specialist team of contractors so you can get a better idea of how the build will work and what each person’s responsibilities are.

During the build itself, we take a lead role in coordinating the professionals involved and monitoring the work being carried out. We have a regular presence on site to ensure your design is delivered to the highest possible standards and to project manage any developments along the way. We also offer regular progress reports to our clients on how things are going as well as hints and tips for maintaining your new outdoor space once the building work is complete.

Let`s Work Together


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