We are Studio 31: The Build

Once your design has been created, there is nothing more exciting than seeing it come to life. As a practice we have built strong professional relationships with a range of contractors with whom we work closely to deliver your project through our garden design and build services. All our contractors are BALI accredited to ensure the highest levels of quality assurance and industry standards are met.

The excellence and efficiency of our partners allows us to extend the same attention to detail shown within our design services, into the build and beyond. We manage every stage of the construction of your project and are experts at interpreting design so that what our clients approve at the design phase is delivered on site with no inconsistency. In addition to this, we use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship sourced locally wherever possible.

We know that even for our most green fingered clients, a new garden can also mean new plants to learn about and care for, so we also offer a written maintenance guide to ensure your new haven continues to flourish through the seasons.

For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, we can also provide ongoing maintenance services if required.

How it works

Pre-start Meeting

Before the building work starts, we introduce you to your specialist team of contractors so you can get a better idea of how the build will work and what each person’s responsibilities are.


During the build itself, we take a lead role in coordinating all the professionals involved and monitoring the work being carried out. We have a regular presence on site to ensure your design is delivered to the highest possible standards and we project manage any developments along the way. We do frequent quality checks and offer regular progress reports to our clients to let them know how things are going.


We check every detail of your project before it is complete and once we are absolutely sure your new garden is perfect, we leave you with a maintenance guide to ensure it continues to look its best through the seasons. For the time-limited client or not so green fingered, we can also offer ongoing maintenance services.

Let`s Work Together